Friday 8/16/13

Happy Friday, folks! We made it through another week, and to celebrate we had a great show lined up for ya.

We began things by talking with our announcer girl, Nicole, and checking in with Lisa and Christine, who were working on their twerking, which will happen at the end of the show.

After that, we checked in with our good buddy Robin Leach, who was Skype’d in, and gave us the happenings for this weekend in Vegas. Check out for more info!

Next, we brought in Lisa and Christine to begin the first round of our Battle of the Babes! Lisa is our returning champ and has been on quite a streak these past few weeks. But! Christine thinks she has the goods to take her down. We started, as always, with the mental round of Trampoline Trivia. Christine pulled ahead by one point, so she was ahead early.


After that, we called up Autumn Luciano, who is the director of “Klaw Mark Kittens,” which is a burlesque-type sketch and wrestling troupe, where pin-up girls fight onstage. They’re based in Michigan, but you can check out their website here!


Finally, we wrapped up the physical and sexual rounds of Battle of the Babes, with Indian Leg Wrestling (which went to Lisa), and then the banana challenge. As the measurements of the bananas were being taken, we began our twerking for the weekend, and determined that Lisa will be back again next week! She can’t be stopped!





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