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Monday 8/19/13

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Happy Monday, folks! Here’s to another brand-spanking new week.

We started off the show today by checking in with another installment of our weekly Good Naked/Bad Naked. We heard stories of people without clothing, and our models Kat, Mary Jane, and Mariela recreated them in a way sexier manner.

Following that, we kicked off our Food & Wine Breastival, with a good old fashioned grape stomp. Kat and Mariela stepped into the vat of grapes and mashed us up some white and red wine. It’s harder than we thought…

buckets grape

Next,  we brought in Steve Byrne and Ahmed Ahmed from the hilarious show “Sullivan & Son” on TBS, which is airing it’s season finale this Thursday. We chatted with the guys a bit, and then welcomed back in the ladies for a round of Playboy Feud! Since the teams were a little uneven, we sent our announcer du jour Erika over to the guys’ side, and had us a very interesting little matchup.

couch feud