Tuesday 8/20/13

It’s Topless Tuesday! Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life, so start it topless. You know, just to jazz things up.

Our wonderful announcer Kim started things off with a bang, and we began the Topless Tuesday festivities by meeting Sierra, Sandra, and Alex in our lovely white hallway to show off their bra-losing skills.

Peppered throughout the show today, we had a plethora of interesting tips all involving breasts! (How apropos of our Topless Tuesday, riiight?) We found out that staring at boobs makes you live longer AND fights cancer (like you needed another reason anyway), and that men who prefer smaller boobs also seem to prefer not having kids.  So now you know.

Following all that, we brought the gals in to continue our Food and Wine Breast-ival, which we’re doing all this week. Today we’re showing you how to make “Lady Fingers.” If that sounds more than a tad suggestive to you, CONGRATULATIONS, we thought the same thing. So! We had our ladies use frosting and their actual fingers (and nipples, because why not) and raspberries to show you, the viewer, how to make the perfect Lady Finger. Lady not included.


After a short break, we brought into the studio Earl Skakel, who is a funny comedian. Earl talked to us about the time he snuck into the Playboy Mansion, and then it was time for a quick round of “Can a Bunny Make a Funny?” We sent Earl and his girl out to the hall to get coached, and had one girl be all on her lonesome. When they got brought back in, we heard their jokes, and got the same results as always: leave it to the PROS!

earl topless

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