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Wednesday 8/21/13

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Happy Hump Day, ya’ll! What’s up? How’s it hanging? Let’s go through our showww!

We started things off today by talking with our fabulous announcer gal Krystin about whether or not she has a court date on our show today. There was some discrepancy… we’ll have to seeee….

From there, we continued on to our week-long Food and Wine Brestival! Today’s Breast-ipe came to us courtesy of Ava, Sarah, and Amber, and featured HONEY. Nice, sticky, golden honey. And boobies. The ladies shared their personal recipe for boobie-dipped honey covered in things like cereal, crackers, nuts, and gummi bears. It sounds simple, but that’s what makes it so good, ya feel me?

After that, we welcomed Shanna McLaughlin in via Skype. You may remember Shanna from the July 2010 Playboy pages, and you may also remember that she’s a huge Seinfeld fan. We bring that up because we also welcomed into the studio Mr. Jackie Chiles, the famous lawyer from Seinfeld. Jackie dropped some knowledge bombs on Kevin and Shanna as they went head-to-head in a Seinfeld trivia contest.



We then went to a quick break, and when we came back we chatted with Jackie about his new “Sue the Bears” campaign for Jim Beam Honey. For every tweet with the hashtag “#suethebears”, Jim Beam is going to donate $100 dollars (up to $25K) to a pro-bee charity that is doing research on why so many bees are disappearing.

Finally, Sarah and Amber came in to plead their personal threesome case in Playboy Court, with Jackie representing the plaintiff. Judge Lowell found in favor of the plaintiff, and awarded her her job back. Justice is served.