Thursday 8/22/13

Happy Throw-Rack Thursday! We’re trying it out, as our lovely announcer girl Chloe so awesomely demonstrated.


We started things off today by talking to Mr. Skin, who’s back from vacation this week, and we have missed him so. He talked to us as if no time had went by at all, and even had some naked Lindsey Lohan to show us how much he missed being on the air. Aww!


We continued on with our Food and Wine Breastival right after that, and today we had some “finger food” in the form of hand-picked Bruschetta! Our ladies got the ingredients right out of the plants here in the studio, and showed us how to make that perfect pre-orgasm treat.

Following that, we brought in Kyle and Paul, who are two love-lorn lads who are having the chance to participate in our U-F-C, or Ultimate F___-ing Championship. The first round is Ultimate Flirting, where the two gentlemen would have a chance to woo the costumed ladies in our own Playboy Sex-agon Ring. Kyle was declared the winner, so he got to stick around and get ridiculed further.

After a short break, we came back to welcome in Urijah Faber, the famous “California Kid” of the UFC league. We chatted with Urijah quickly and then brought back our ladies for the rounds of Ultimate Feather-Tickling, Ultimate Fellatio, and Ultimate Fondling. If you want to sponsor us, our girls have lots of open real estate for logos.


ring couch


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