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Friday 8/23/13

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Happy Freaky Friday! Or is it Frisky Friday? Either way, the weekend’s here, yayy!

We started the show today by chatting with Robin Leach of, to try and entice you into taking a little weekend trip to Sin City. Mike Tyson’s going theatrical, and Claire Sinclair is still hanging out. Feel like checking it out? Dooo it!

From there, we continued our Food and Wine Breastival for its final installment. We had a special treat for you to mark the occasion, in the form of Nookie Cookies. Lisa and Melody, our sexy models, came in and showed us just how to make this old family recipe. They used our lovely announcer du jour Nicole’s naked body to heat up these balls of dough, and they got made in just a few seconds! Look at that.

cookies breastival

After a quick break, we brought it back by introducing Tenille Houston from the new film “The Canyons.” She chatted it up on what it was like to film a sex scene in a movie, and how much she enjoyed working with Lindsey Lohan AND porn star James Deen.


Finally, it’s time for another down n’ dirty Battle of the Babes. Five-time reigning champ Lisa is back and readier than ever to take on our challenger, Melody. After a few quick rounds, Lisa did the impossible again and came out on top.

photo 222