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Friday 8/30/13

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Happy Friday, folks! Labor Day is just around the corner, and we had a great show to send you off.

We started things off by talking with Robin Leach, and wishing him a very happy birthday the only way we know how: birthday spankings. Unfortunately Robin wasn’t in the studio with us, but he did have a couple of stand-ins who took his birthday gift for him…

Following that, we finished up our Back 2 School lesson plan by talking about Anatomy. Our teacher this morning had a lovely body model with her as we went through all the erogenous zones.


Next, we ran through the Week In Sex, and found out why it’s not good to be Kim Jong-Un’s booty call, and why you shouldn’t fingerbang someone in a public park. Seems pretty straight forward on our end.

After a quick break, we welcomed in Playmate Jaslyn Ome, who is Miss April 2013, to be a guest judge on our “Back to School Supply Fashion Show!” We welcomed in Cody, Kimberly, and Carly to the studio decked out in clothes made from all things Back to School.



Quickly before signing off we did our first Titty Pick of the football season for the first game of the season, next week Thursday and the consensus is that the Broncos are going to beat out the Ravens.

We’re off next week, but we’ll be back on Monday the 9th!

Thursday 8/29/13

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Happy Throwrack Thursday, ya’ll! Let’s get to it.

Today, we began things by talking with our buddy Mr. Skin on the phone, and looking at the nice celebrity butts he sent to us. Besides Miley Cyrus’ twerking at the VMA’s, he also brought us Kristen Bell in “The Lifeguard” among other naked stars.

After that, it was time to continue our Back 2 School sessions, and today the subject was Science. Now whenever anyone thinks of science, the first thing that comes to mind is usually volcano experiments… so that’s what we did! Our teacher Jenni came in, and we found out that volcanos have a lot of phallic imagery that goes along with them. Who knew?


Following school, we brought in Samantha to read our Fe-Mail from our hot box. She pulled out letters asking Andrea what makes her “horngry,” and we got to take a sneak peek at the Playboy Video Game in the works. It’s pretty sweet.

After a short break, we welcomed in Kyle Keller, who is gracing season five of “Tough Love” on VH1. Kyle dished on being love-lorn and what it’s like to be in a long-term, long-distance relationship.


We figured that since she’s having such a tough time with finding someone, that maybe she should give our girls a try! We brought in the super sexy Jenni, Samantha, and Gigi to all fight for the heart of Kyle, and see if maybe they couldn’t tickle her fancy… among other things.

andreakyle after