Monday 9/9/13

Happy Monday, folks! We’re back from our week-long hiatus and we couldn’t be more pumped!

We started things off today by checking out “The Better View” with new View cast-member Jenny McCarthy’s old Playboy video. It’s so much better than what you see on their show.

Following that, it was time for some Good Naked/Bad Naked and our patented sexy lady reenactments. We heard about things like a Mexican man building his house into the shape of a giant naked mermaid, and people on bad acid trips punching out cops… in the nude! The acid guy, not the cops…

Next, we teased our Playboy Fantasy Draft, which is going to happen next week, where we pick Playmates to pit against each other in an arbitrary point-gaining game! Today’s featured player was none other than Raquel Pomplun. You may remember her being our Playmate of the Year this year, so don’t be surprised if she goes in one of the top spots.

After a short break, we welcomed in Jason Gann, from the hit FX show “WIlfred.” Although it was a little disconcerting seeing him outside of his signature dog suit, this Aussie was a hoot.


We figured since he is from the other hemisphere, that he would be an expert on all things south of the border. So, we had our sexy ladies, Lauren, Kat, Woo, and Chelsie come in and see if Jason could guess what type of tan lines each girl had in a game called “Tan Down Under.”


To wrap things up, we had Andrea Titty Pick both Monday Night Football games, and her titties are going with the Chargers over the Texans, and the Redskins over the Eagles.


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