Tuesday 9/10/13

Happy Topless Tuesday everybody! Bottoms up.

Well, we started things off today by checking out Andrea’s new finger condoms. Apparently they’re supposed to stop cuts, but we may be onto something here…

Next, we checked in with another sure-fire first-round draft pick in our Playmate Draft: Pamela Horton. Miss October 2012 is a huge gamer nerd, but has a naughty side too, so keep an eye on her to go early when we pick next week.

Following that we talked to Charlie Rose, a British sex therapist on the phone. Charlie (which is short for Charlotte) watches couples have sex, and gives them pointers along the way. Her techniques are apparently very effective in saving dull sex in long-lasting relationships, and she claims that good oral sex is the number one key to keeping things fresh.


After that, we took a quick break and then welcomed in Moz Jobrani and Amir K., who are both funny men of Middle Eastern descent. They both are super hilarious, so be sure to check them out.


Finally, we welcomed in Sarah, Amber, Alexis, and Tara to help be our lab bunnies in another installment of Sex Mythbusters. Today we put the old “masturbation makes you go blind” claim to the test, by having our girls go into our Masturbation Station and then test how well they could read eye charts and see out of their peripheral vision.

test sexmyth


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