Thursday 9/12/13

Happy Thirsty Thursday homies! We had a super awesome show for you today, so let’s check it out.

On our show today, we had the super cool Sam Tripoli, whom you might recognize from the Naughty Show on Playboy Radio, who is guest hosting for Kevin today.

We began things by talking with our good pal Mr. Skin, who had a lot of knowledge to drop on us today on all things celeb skin. We talked Miley’s new video, Riddick’s box-office busting bust, and Boardwalk Empire’s season premiere. HBO is really letting it all hang out, huh?

Following that, we looked into another one of our potential picks in the Playmate Draft: Amelia Talon. Amelia is an all-around good pick from our June 2012 issue and is slated to go into the rotation of one lucky team very early in the draft.

Next, we welcomed in Gareth __, who is a funny comedian and also good friends with our guest host Sam, and they chatted about relationship awkwardness and exactly how much donkey teeth is too much donkey teeth.

After a quick break, we came back to welcome in Byamba, who is a world-champion Sumo wrestler, who is competing in the US Sumo Open this Sunday in LA’s Little Tokyo.


We also then brought in our sexy ladies Tawny, Erika, Leilani, and Atalie to learn a thing or two about sumo and then test it out in our fabulous Playboy Sumo Suits! It’s one man’s fantasy, probably.

photo 12

photo 34


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