Friday 9/13/13

Happy SpooOOooky Friday the Thirteenth, guys! Let’s go through the show.

We welcomed back our lovable guest host Mark Long today, who is graciously filling in for Kevin. Things got started by chatting with Robin Leach, who’s got all the info on Vegas goings-on for all of us. Britney’s back, baby!

After that, we had our final tease for the Fantasy Playmate Draft in Crystal McCahill. Crystal is our May 2009 bunny, and is the daughter of Miss August 1968. Being an awesome Playmate is in her genes, so watch for her to be a good pick-up to fill out your team.

Next, it was time for the Week In Sex! We ran through news stories involving a dick-biting rugby player, a boob-using masseuse, and a pizzeria that gives away free pizza if you flash your boobs. Jose, the owner of the store, which is located in Champagne, Illinois, was on the phone with us to talk about that and other deals they offer.

We also wrapped our final “Better View,” wherein we checked out Jenny McCarthy before she joins the cast of the regular “View.”

After a quick break, it was time for a little Twerking for the Weekend! We wanted to make this weekend’s twerking sessions a little bit brighter, so we welcomed in our resident twerk expert Destiny to show Lisa, Amber, Samantha, and Alisha how to do their thang with their thang. She turned our girls into experts of their own, and even showed them how to take the dancing from the club to the bedroom.


Finally, it was time to Titty Pick some football games. Andrea’s magic titties are going with the Broncos, Eagles, Bears, 49ers, and Packers this weekend. After a quick coin toss, it was determined that Andrea will have the first pick of the draft on Monday. See you then!


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