Monday 9/16/13

Happy Monday, folks! It’s the start of a brand, new week. It’s still got that new week smell…

Kevin’s back! Yay. To kick things off, we checked on his photos from an Indian wedding that he attended last week, and let’s just say that the tunic really suited him.

After that, we checked in with a segment we like to call “Play-walking,” where we ask Playmates questions that normal people have to know, but that super smokin’ hot women probably don’t deal with too much, and then we try to guess their answers. Maybe we should call it “Play-talking.”

Next, it was time for our big Fantasy Playmate Draft of 2013! Our commissioner Chelsie came in and introduced the picks for both Kevin and Andrea’s teams for the rest of the year. Andrea won the coin toss last week, so she got to go first, and with her first pick she went with Kayla Collins, Miss August 2008. She came in the studio to get her jersey and hat, and came to chat on the couch.

Following that, it was Kevin’s pick, and he went with Crystal McChahill, who is our Miss May 2009. Two solid first-round picks on both sides. Andrea rounded out her team with Kylie Johnson and Anna Sophia Berglund, and Kevin went with Playmate of the Year 2013 Raquel Pomplun and Ashley Hobbs. We will be checking back throughout the year based on rules that we will probably make up as we go along!



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