Tuesday 9/17/13

Topless Tuesday’s back! Oh, it’s been too long.

We started things off today by talking about the dirtiest thing about a woman: her bag! Apparently, it’s usually pretty bad, and can carry around a bunch of disease. C’mon ladies. Get it together.

Next, we did another one of our patented “Sexifying America” segments, with this time’s installment being In-Flight Safety videos. Those videos are always super boring, and people don’t even pay attention anyway, so we figured we could get people to listen up in our own special way: with boobies.


After that, we welcomed in Sammy Obeid, who is a stand-up comedian who is just now almost wrapped up with 1,000 straight days of comedy. We were honored to be one of the last stops on his amazing journey, and salute his devotion to his craft.


All grandiose statements aside, we figured it could be fun to try our own hand at 1,000 seconds of NUDITY. We had our super sexy ladies Ali Rose and Kimberly come in and play around with all of our random props for over 16 minutes, and even tried to distract Sammy while he gave us some jokes from his set. His focus is battle-tested, for sure.




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