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Thursday 9/19/13

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It’s Thursday! In some odd circles, it’s known as “practice Friday.”

We started things off today by talking with Mr. Skin, for all things celebrity nudity. Showgirls 2 just came out on Blu-Ray, and the hi-def version will allow you to see more than ever before (if that’s even possible), and subscription channels just keep knocking it out of the park with nakedness. Sounds like it’s worth the extra scratch, eh?


Throughout the show today, we checked in with our lovely ladies┬áRuby, Carolina, Lindsey, and Valerie as they came up with new dance moves to replace twerking, as it’s too mainstream and if there’s one thing we are… it’s ahead of the curve. Or curves… Anyway! If you happen to see any of these moves at the club this weekend, don’t be alarmed, and just try and do your best to fake it ’til you make it.

Next, we talked with Nick Chipman, from, who recently invented the “McEverything,” where you buy everything possible at McDonald’s and then stack it one on top of the other. It’s around four feet tall and 140 dollars, and TOTALLY WORTH IT.


After a short break, it was time for our Decath-a-LAWN, where we had our beautiful models come back in and play a plethora of games that were inspired by our recent spread in this month’s issue of Playboy. Lawn Bowling, Badminton, Flying Disc (Frisbee), and anything else you can play on your front or back yard, only ours is better because it comes with naked girls. That could be our theme for like every show.

lawn lawn2