Friday 9/20/13

It’s Friday! We’ll help you make it freaky.

Today we began things by checking out a quick bit we filmed, asking men in line for the new iPhone to come along with us and see some boobies for their spot in line. We had no takers. Not even Kevin, surprisingly. Well we hope they’re happy with their technology that’ll last three months until the next one comes out. Boobies are forever, don’t forget that.

Next, we talked to Robin Leach on Skype to get the low-down on Vegas goings-on this weekend. Britney’s back, bitch! She’s rocking out in a new show that also features a club at the front of the theater? Pretty sweet combo. Also, the IHeartRadio festival is going on with Justin and Britney. Maybe they’ll rekindle some of that old romance. Although, that is admittedly unlikely.

After that, it was time to continue saying goodbye to the twerk. We saw the likes of the Roll-ho, Assquake, and Pop n’ Shake today. Do any of them have a chance of being the next dance craze? Time will tell.

Following those shenanigans, it was time to do the Week In Sex, where we run down this week’s sexual news stories and pass the savings on to you. Today we heard a horror story about a man who had to get his penis amputated because he took too much Viagra, and another about masturbation becoming legal on beaches in Sweden. We live in a crazy world.

Finally, we got to our Summer goddess passing of the torch! Erika has been holding it down as our Summer Goddess, but unfortunately today summer ends. We brought in our ladies Lindsey, Kat, and Bri to see if they could convince her to pass the crown on to them. In order to see who is most worthy, we had them construct bikinis out of leaves in a continued effort to make a sexy swimsuit out of every substance known to man.  To test their durability, we turned the fans on full blast and saw which bikinis stayed on and which floated away on the breeze. We’re not sure which way is better, so we’ll find out next week who our Fall goddess will be.

fall leafkini

At the very end, if you are a Cowboys, 49ers, or Texans fan, Andrea’s titties like your odds this weekend.


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