Monday 9/23/13

Happy Monday, folks! We had a great show to start off this brand new week, so let’s get to it.

We started things off today by checking out a clip from our new hit show “Breaking Bras,” where the notorious Heisen-bra has been making signature blue bras that are super popular with the ladies. Stay tuned all this week for more installments in our mini-mini series.

Next, it was time to go through the Week in Sex, where we heard stories ranging from a naked man/woman on a bike, prison guards sexting each other, and naked college students swinging around on a wrecking ball a la the Miley Cyrus video. College kids, you so crazy.

After that, we welcomed in Anson Mount, from the hit show “Hell on Wheels” on AMC. He talked about his Playboy connection, which is his father, a long time sports editor for our fine magazine, and also chatted about how AMC keeps knocking it out of the park with their shows.

Finally, it was time for our Femmy Awards! As we did not receive any actual awards at the Emmy’s last night, we decided to make our own award show right here in the studio. We gave out awards to things we’ve seen on our show in the past, and boy have there been some great ones, some naked ones, and sometimes even both.


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