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Tuesday 9/24/13

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Hello Folks! Welcome to our show’s blog. Please read carefully, as there will be a test.

It’s Topless Tuesday, and as such we introduced our lovely ladies and their measurements. Paula, Wendy, and Cassandra turned in their chairs Voice-style, in a tease of a segment coming later in the show…

Next, it was time to finish up the Femmy awards that  we didn’t get to yesterday, as we went over time (just like a real award show!). Our best actor Femmy went to Richard Simmons (how apropos) and we looked back at all the clothes we lost this past year. We won’t miss those clothes even a little bit.

After that, we chatted with Rob Corry on the phone. Rob’s whole deal is that he handed out joints to victims of the floods in Colorado, and says it really brightened people’s days. Rob is also raising awareness in hopes of shutting down a marijuana tax bill that’s set to be voted on in November. Don’t space on the date, groovy people.

Following that, we checked in with our latest episode of “Breaking Bras,” where Heisen-bra and his assistant cooked up their best batch of blue bras yet! Wow, say that five times fast.

After a short break we talked to Christine Lee on Skype all the way from Miami, Florida for another rousing Skype-enger hunt. We had Christine running all around  her pad looking for sexy things to spank herself with and different lingerie to jump in and out of.

Finally, it was time for our take on the singing reality show “genre,” with the Fuck-Me Voice! Kevin and Andrea turned around in their chairs and we had our girls come in and try to seduce them into turning their chairs around and picking them for their team based solely on the sexiness of their voices. In a few weeks, maybe we’ll even have a little showdown of the sultry, smoky sirens. Wow. Lots of alliteration today.