Wednesday 9/25/13

Middle of the week, let’s get over the hump.

Today we began things by checking in with our Fall Goddess, Lindsey Love! She came into the studio throughout the show to continue our seasonal Just the Tips, just in time for the start of Fall. The leaves are changing, and so should your sexual habits.

Next, it was time for Makin’ Bacon. Andrea called Jack Romanski, who invented a sexual toy for men and women, that has won several awards in the adult toy industry. The toy has two heads that are maleable, and six different settings from two quiet motors. For individuals, or couples… or more, probably.

In conjunction with Andrea’s finding of this new toy with a restaurant in Philly that has come out with bacon cheesecake, along with a plethora of other bacon-infused desserts and meals. No matter how good the sex toy is, how is it that bacon always sounds better? Scientists, we await your findings.

After that, it was time for our latest “Breaking Bras” segment, wherein the opponents of Heisen-bra are trying to peddle their lesser wares to the unclothed ladies of (what we can only assume is) New Mexico. When the ladies aren’t having their cheap knock-off bras, the only choice to be made is to kill Heisen-bra… Dun dun dunnn.

We took a quick break, and then it was time for Lauren, Leia, and Lisa to play an all L-named round of the universe’s longest-running naked game show, Know it or Show it! The categories today ranged from Breaking Bad, things that have been inside Andrea, and the new iPhone, and the game ended in its usual fashion: no fashion! As in, no clothing. As in, naked. Boobies.

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