Thursday 9/26/13

Thirsty Thursday! Just because summer is over, don’t forget to still drink lots of water… and other liquids too.

We began the show today by talking with Mr. Skin, who ran us through his naked minute as per usual. We saw Tina Fey’s nip slip at the Emmy’s, Cameron Diaz’s various “nip slips” throughout film, and “Sons of Anarchy” showing a lil’ behind on basic cable. Racy stuff for channels with commercials.

Next, we continued our “Breaking Bras” saga, with the revelation that a third gang will be making its way toward Heisen-bra’s secret recipe, led by a hot chick in a chair with a bell on it. What will happen next? Even we don’t know.

After that, we welcomed in Cara Quici, who has a new song out entitled “FIGHT,” which is a cover of the Beastie Boys song “Fight (For Your Right to Party).” Her video’s on Youtube, and you should definitely check it out.

We took a quick break after the interview, and then we played our “Play-zing” in our Playboy Sorority. Our sexy models Sara, Tawny, and Courtney came in and spun the wheel of destiny to determine what exactly they had to do in order to prove their loyalty to T-I-T. We’re goin’ Greek!

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