Friday 9/27/13

Happy Friday one and all! It’s starting to feel a bit like Fall outside, and we’ve got your daily dose of pumpkins.

We started things off today by talking with Robin Leach on the phone, who gave us the Vegas to-do this weekend. Check out for all the dirty details.

Next, we checked in with our second-to-last installment of “Breaking Bras,” where it looks like the bra business is booming, but Heisenbra has been kidnapped! The dramatic conclusion will happen Monday, after the real show has its farewell episode the night before, so stay tuned!

Next, we ran through the Week in Sex with Andrea, who had another scary story about the ball-eating fish (wear trunks, guys), and a monkey who got handsy with an interviewer. Hard to blame the little guy.

After a quick break, we came back to welcome in our models Eneida, Sam, and Mary Jane to talk with them quickly about how to make any set of lingerie sexier with just a few simple tucks and tugs.

Following the lesson, we brought in our guests for today: the fabulous pin-up models Ivy De la Muerta, Kira Von Sutra, and Red Dodge to talk about tattoos and what drew them to the vintage style. After a burlesque routine courtesy of Kira, we had our pin-ups get into their best pose and brought our own models back in to play Pin the Tail on the Pin-up! The blindfolded models tried their best to find the backsides of the pin-ups and give them a new accessory.



Pinups1 Pinups2 Pinups3


Finally, it was time for Andrea’s boobs to go up against Kevin’s head… not literally, it’s Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em! We’ll have to check back after the games this weekend to see who comes out on top: brains… or bust.


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