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Thursday 10/31/13

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Happy Halloween! We had a scary good show for you today, so let’s get too it.

We began things today by showcasing Kevin and Andrea’s costumes: Andrea went as the Playboy Mansion Lost and Found, and Kevin went as Ill Prepared. Both very fitting, wouldn’t you say?


After that, we talked quickly to Mr. Skin, for a little Halloween movie nudity treat. As everyone knows, scary movies are always good for a little gratuitous nudity, so Kevin and Skin wanted to mark the occasion by doing a spooky pun-on-pun that is sure to send chills down your spine.

Next, we brought our sexy costumed honeys Samantha, Jamie, Kaysee, and Kourtneey into the studio to do some Halloween tricks and treats. After an unsuccessful attempt to scare their pants off, they went right into boobing for apples, which is much harder if your breasts have been enhanced.

costumes boobs

boobing boobing2

After a quick break, we welcomed in Chocolate Caliente, Joey Ryan, Moana Santana, and Michelle L’amour from the group Lucha VaVoom. These guys combine the excitement of Mexican masked wrestling with the enticement of burlesque shows in between the fight. Their show is tonight in Downtown LA, so if you’re around, you should definitely check it out.


As the wrestlers and dancers were teaching us their respective moves, our models were decorating some Rack-o-Lanterns, as is Halloween tradition here in the Mini Mansion.


Well, here’s hoping you and yours have a safe and fun Halloween. Be sure to use all the knowledge and costume ideas we’ve thrown out, and… oh my god LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!

Just kidding. Happy Halloween.


Wednesday 10/30/13

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It’s Wednesday! If you need a last push to get you over the hump, you found the right place…

Today began with another one of our Twitter campaigns throughout the show, this time focusing on #nipslips; as you tweeted, our girls demonstrated various kinds of nipple slippage.

Yet again, we had special trick-or-treaters come through our Mini Mansion doors to offer up some goodies to our two hosts. Today, Andrea got batteries for her various sex toys, and Kevin got a big ol’ packet o’ bacon. That’s the way adults do Halloween, SON.

We also revisited a new-er segment we lovingly refer to as “Constructive Criticism,” where you, yes YOU, can make your voice be heard. Whether we pull a comment from Youtube, Playboy TV’s website, or even here on our humble blog, you can be sure your concerns aren’t falling on deaf ears, so keep ’em comin’.

After that, it was time for our newest and therefore best costume in our Halloween Costume Countdown. Today, Emily Rose showed off her skin-tight skeleton jumpsuit. Apparently it wasn’t skin-tight enough, as Kevin and Andrea did what they do best: get down to just the skin. A word to the wise: if you’re going to go as a skin-suit, you don’t actually need to buy a costume, because it’ll just end up on the floor.

We took a quick break and then it was time to welcome in our guest, scream queen Danielle Harris. Danielle got her start at a very early age in the “Halloween” franchise, and the rest, as they say, is history, as she’s done a ton of horror films since then. Her directorial debut of the film “Among Friends,” about a dinner party gone terribly wrong, is set to come out soon, so keep your ears to the ground on that one.

Finally, since Danielle is an expert in all things horror, we played “Scary Movie Trivia.” Kevin, Andrea, and Danielle got clues from our hot models Emily Rose, Mel, Ruby, and Alisha and tried their best to guess the title of the film. There’s definitely something sexy about being scared.


after afterall

Tuesday 10/29/13

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Happy Tuesday, ya’ll. Let’s get to the show…

Today, we began by calling on you, the viewers, to share with us your tweets with the hashtag #byebyebra for a good cause… the continuation of Topless Tuesday. That’s right! Thorughout the whole show, we had girls coming in and reading YOUR tweets, and then throwing their brassieres aside. Who says social media has no real world applications?

Also throughout the entire show today, we had girls ringing our doorbell to bring US candy! We really have it good here in the Mini Mansion. If only the rest of the world worked the way we do…

We kept in the Halloween spirit next by continuing our epic march to the 31st with another sexy Halloween costume. Amber came in to show us her sexy Vampire-ess outfit complete with crazy red contacts. As always Kevin and Andrea did their best to make this a little more hot, and eventually just made the top come completely off. If we had a motto for our show, it’d probably be “When all else fails, just lose some clothes.”

After that, we welcomed in Patrice Wilson, our first guest for the day. Patrice is the mastermind behind the super awesome viral videos “Friday,” “It’s Thanksgiving,” and “Chinese Food.” His videos have amassed close to a billion views (crazy!), and he was more than down to share his winning formula with us for our lesser-viewed videos online.

We took a quick break, and then we brought in our good friend Jim O’Heir from “Parks and Rec” fame, who is also a master of the viral Vine videos.

Finally, for our ending segment, we brought all of our models back in, including Cody, who has amassed quite a viral sensation with a music video of her own to round out our panel. Justina, Atalie, and Amber all pitched their ideas for videos that could get big and our judges gave their advice on how to make them happen. Keep your eyes on your screens, you just might have a head start on the next big fad.

patricecouch codyjimcouch afterall

Monday 10/28/13

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Hello again, everybody! If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, we have the cure.

We started things off today by doing a quick Titty Pick Recap. Andrea and Kevin tied again this week, meaning Kevin’s brain still holds a slight lead, but don’t count out boobs quite yet…

After that, we welcomed in Gemma Lee Farrell, our Miss November! Gemma is the first ever Playmate from New Zealand, so if you like accents, look no further. She picked her Playmate Pick Six questions out of our own spooky Halloween cauldron, and passed with flying colors! She ran out to grab a costume from her car, and we took a short break.


As we got back, we welcomed in Lamorne Morris, who plays ‘Winston’ on “New Girl,” which is on FOX. Lamorne was stoked to be in with us today, and talked about how his own experiences living with multiple female roommates transferred over to his acting on the show.


As Lamorne was chatting with us, we checked out another one of our Halloween costumes, with Brooke showing off today’s look: a sexy Pirate! As we demonstrated, if you want to be historically accurate, remember to leave the panties at home.

Speaking of history, as we rounded out the show today, we welcomed in Leilani, Peru, Kenzie, and Brooke again to teach us about the signing of New Zealand’s Declaration of Independance by the United Maori Tribes in 1835. Our Playmate really appreciated some of her peoples’ history being represented today, and she came back into the studio in her maid costume just in time to see it acted out. Just because it isn’t accurate doesn’t mean it’s not fun to watch.

afterall afterfour andreaplaymate

Friday 10/25/13

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Happy Friday! It’s finally here, we’re free! At least for a couple days. Unless you work at a restaurant. Then today is your Monday. Jeez, that’s depressing…

ANYHOO! Our show today was fantastic, and here’s proof:

We started things off with a little chat with Robin Leach, who has his hands full with Halloween-time debauchery going on all around Vegas. As a side note, Robin will be going as a wizard this year, which we think is apt, as he is the magic man of Sin City.

Next, we checked out a little promo Johnny Knoxville shot at the Playboy Mansion as “Bad Grandpa” from the movie of the same name. Johnny looked right at home in old age make-up getting spanked and ridden by Playmates, but… who wouldn’t?

After that, we ran through the Week In Sex, where we saw not one but TWO different plants that resemble human body parts (hooker lips and a big penis for the curious), among other goings-on from this crazy world we inhabit. So don’t worry; if you’re weird, you actually fit right in.

We took a quick break, and then it was time for yet another sexy Halloween costume. You thought we’d have long run out by now, but you’d be WRONG, so there. Today’s installment was something near and dear to our hearts: a German Beer Maid. Boobs, beer, October, does it get any better?


Following that, we welcomed in Dr. Laura Streicher for the first half of our “Makin’ Bacon” segment. Andrea brought the big guns, as this doctor showed off her “Intensity” vibrator, which is less sex toy, more sex gym. It works the vaginal muscles with electricity, which sounds intense (I guess the name makes sense), but apparently is quite pleasurable. Andrea got her hands on one, so we’ll have to wait and see how it holds up.

Kevin’s contribution to “Makin’ Bacon” was the Shake n’ Bacon smoothie, which is one part ice cream, one part bacon, and one part beer (with a little syrup for good measure) all mixed together in a big ol’ blender. The taste test was inconclusive, as Andrea hated it, but Kevin thought it was pretty good. The important thing is we tried.

Lastly, we picked some football games. Boobs vs. Brains. Brains is up by a small margin, but boobs can close the gap this weekend. They disagreed on some, but come Monday we’ll see if the Body can finally pass the Mind.

andreavibrator boobs blender bacon

Thursday 10/24/13

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It is Thursday. Let us get through the show.

We started things off by talking with our Thursday friend, Mr. Skin. Today, Skin has some great celebrity nudity lined up for us, including a look at the new show, “Masters of Sex,” which he says has some great naked bodies as long as you don’t mind that they’re hooked up with electrodes. Skin also has a new venture “Mr. Man,” which will feature male nudity in film. Hey, nothing wrong with that.

After that, it was time for another one of our sexy Halloween costumes, and today Chloe showed off her sexy cheetah-print jumpsuit. Mee-ow.

Next, we brought in Ali Rose, who’s a regular here on our show, and we’re proud to announce that she’s been named Cyber Girl of the Month! Congrats to her and her ample bosom.

Speaking of ample bosoms, we thought we’d celebrate Ali Rose’s accomplishment by playing “Double-D Dare.” We brought in Chelsie, Megan, and Heather to join Ali in this messy two-on-two showdown. After the first two rounds, we were all tied up, but the orange team came out ahead and got to try their hand at the obstacle course as we unfortunately ran out of time. But, fret not! We’ll definitely be coming back to this game very, very soon…

boobs during girlsafter

Wednesday 10/23/13

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Halfway through the week. OH! That must be why they call it hump day. Shows what we know.

Right off the bat, we welcomed in the Howe twins (Melissa and Carla), who we haven’t seen in a while, for a quick segment we like to call “Ask a Set of British Twins.” We’re still working on the name. But! We had some interesting calls in and bra-switches to see if the twins shared a consciousness. The results were inconclusive.


After that, we went into a round of “Tasty Tweets,” where Kevin and Andrea get pictures from Playmates’ Twitter accounts, and try to guess the caption. It’s hard work predicting hashtags.

We took a quick break and then it was time to continue our quest towards Halloween with another sexy costume idea. Today’s dress-up comes to us from Sadie, and inspired by the East in the form of a Bollywood dancer/sexy genie (take your pick). After a sexing up by Kevin and Andrea, there really wasn’t much left of the original costume, but if there’s a theme for Halloween, it’s usually “less is more.”

Following that, we welcomed in Romany Malco, from the new film “Last Vegas,” which is coming to theaters November 1st. Romany stars opposite some pretty big names and holds his own, so be sure to check it out! In the movie, he plays a hotel concierge, so we took that as a sign from above that we should play “Just the Tip.” We brought our sexy models back in to guess how much you should tip various occupations, according to etiquette books. The twins had a “spot” of trouble, being from somewhere that uses a different form of currency, but stayed vigilant and did their very best. Hey, how many people know how much to tip a manicurist? Or what a manicure even is?

romanyshow all romanyandrea romanyboth

Tuesday 10/22/13

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Happy Topless Tuesday! We’ve been making Tuesdays two-times better week after week, and this one was certainly no different.

We began things by checking in with a very special apple announcement. We know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not the tech company, it’s the fruit. We sporadically got updates from our smokin’ hot models Lauren, Tatiana, and Ashley about all the uses for apples in your sexy day-to-day. That’s way better than a bigger phone/smaller tablet any day of the week.

After that, it was time for a little Topless Tuesday surprise! We hid our girls around the studio to introduce themselves and show us their goods. It’s a trick and a treat.

Next, we welcomed in Ryan Keely from PlayboyTV’s newest live show, “Jukeboxx Live,” which you can check out Wednesdays at 10pm EST (7pm PST) starting tomorrow! Ryan filled us in on how you can call in and request to see porn clips featuring whatever your heart desires.

We took a quick break, and then came back to get a little lesson in spanking thanks to the suggestion of a caller of our own, and then it was time to get serious. Since Ryan has been involved in adult entertainment everywhere from a bookstore to in front of the camera, we figured she would be perfect at “As Seen vs. Ass Scene.” We had our lovely ladies come in and read a title, and Ryan, Kevin, and Andrea then had to guess whether it’s the title of a porn, or a wacky TV infomercial. You’d be surprised how hard that is.

show1 show

Monday 10/21/13

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Happy Monday, everyone! Let’s get down to brass tacks…

We started this brand-spanking-new week of shows by welcoming in another college girl, this time from Berkeley, Alice Ohtsuki. This shy Japanese-born girl was too cute to handle, except when she recreated her picture from the magazine, wherein she got handled by a bear.

Next, we brought in Jena Sims from the film “Last Vegas,” which comes out in November, and features a different Kevin Klein. Or…Kline. Whatever. Anyway! We figured since she didn’t get to actually gamble in Vegas while shooting, she could gamble on some of our hot models. We brought in London, Dahlia, Ally, and Victoria, and Andrea, Kevin, and Jena placed their bets on who did what. I’d call it a “Who-lette” but I don’t want to give anyone pun-induced seizures.

After a quick break, we came back to reveal another costume in our month-long costume countdown: sexy policewoman. It was only a matter of time, and the presence of handcuffs is a sure-fire way to get naughty thoughts going in everyone’s heads.

Following that, we welcomed in Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu, from “Million Dollar Listing,” on the Bravo channel, and Kevin revealed that he (through Andrea) got Heather her first dildo. Small world.

Finally, to round out the show, we brought all of our models back in to play a quick game of “Real Estate/Fake Estate,” where the housing market experts tried to see if they could correctly appraise which breasts have been augmented. If only that were a real job…



alice jena joshheather

Friday 10/18/13

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It’s Friday the 18th! Is that good luck or bad luck? I forget.

Anyway, we had an awesome show for you today, which we began by celebrating Today in History (if history were as sexy as our show). We had our super hot models Mary Louise, Adrienne, Amberly, and Meghan come into the studio and explain to us exactly how the U.S. acquired Puerto Rico on this day in 1898. Our wholly inaccurate portrayal of those events will go down in history as one of the craziest of all time.

Next, it was time to run through the Week in Sex! If you’ve ever stared at your iPhone and wondered what the mastermind behind it was like in the sack, check out Steve Jobs’ former lovers book! We heard this and other similarly wacky stories, because we like to keep you in the know, as well as in the sheets.

After that, we welcomed in Kandy Jo, who is another one of our college girls, this time from Oregon State. We presented her with another pop quiz, as read by our sexy models, and then she did us the honor of recreating her picture in the magazine right before our very eyes. Go Beavers, right?

We took a quick break, and then it was time to run through another sexy Halloween costume. This time Adrienne showed us her super tight corset made of some sort of leaves costume, that leaves its interpretation up to the imagination, without doing the same to your figure.

Following that treat, we had our Friday Awards! It’s been a while since we’ve done these bad boys, but we jumped right back in. We went through our categories of Andrea’s Mobility, Constructive Criticism, and in memory of all the clothing we’ve lost this week.

Finally! It’s the weekend, which means that football is here. Andrea picked with boobs and Kevin with brains, so check in Monday to see who came out on top. Have a good weekend!