Wednesday 10/2/13

Hello, loyal listeners and viewers! We had another bomb-ass show for you today, so let’s get to it.

We started this train a-rollin’ by checking in with another one of our Top 10 Party Schools in the country, in accordance with our magazine out this month. Number 6 is the University of Texas Longhorns! Everything’s bigger in Texas, even the hangovers.

After that, we brought our “panel of ladies” in to discuss how attractive they find men who really put themselves out there, either with billboards or their own websites. Allie Rose, Jenni, and Carly all weighed in on what factors played into their decisions and why they thought the way they did. We also talked to one of the love-lorn lads on the phone who goes by the name of Romeo Rose, to get a first-hand Q and A going, to see what were the real issues at play here. We like to keep our dialogue (among other things) wide open.

Next, it was time for another school on our list, and Gigi presented us with Florida State University, home of the Seminoles. A school with semen in its name has got to know how to get down.

Finally, it was time for our main game: another excited round of “Skin to Win,” the game show with the world’s catchiest theme song! Our girls all came in and answered questions pertaining to their body parts by flashing those very same body parts. Who knew there were so many synonyms and slang terms for the female body? Not us.

Right before we went off the air for the day, we welcomed in Jenni to show us her Halloween costume in our ongoing countdown, and she presented an old favorite: the sexy kitty cat. Mee-ow is right.

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