Monday 10/7/13

Ahh, Monday. The world still has that new week smell. Let’s get to the show.

We began the festivities today by reviewing Kevin’s pictures that he took while away this weekend in Cabo. Apparently they have the coolest mascot their side of the border in a muy guapo blue penis pill.

After that, we quickly ran through Andrea’s Titty Picks from last week, and she did pretty well, sitting at 80%. So far, her girls are doing alright.

Next, we chatted on the phone with Karen Marley, who is a self-proclaimed “serial mistress” who has dated over 100 married men in the UK. She talked about what it’s like to date (and not necessarily even sleep with) men who are “just looking for some companionship.” Watch your back, ladies. Or your man’s back… Either way.

We took a short break and then came back into some Good Naked, Bad Naked stories with the help of our four brand new models, Gabrielle, Barbie, Heather, and Kristen, we ran through the nude news. The animal penis-eating story out of Asia was particularly memorable. Obviously.

Right at the end, Hal Sparks dropped by to hang out and also talk about his band Zero 1, who are playing at the House of Blues tonight.

To round out the show, Andrea broke out her titties to pick one final game for the week, and went with Atlanta over New York tonight, so place your bets accordingly.

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