Thursday 10/10/13

Happy Thursday, ya’ll. We had an awesome October show lined up for you, so let’s get ‘r dun.

We started things today by running through a nice tip if you plan on trying out our new hashtag #tittybombing. Don’t forget to send in your pics, like Jeremy did, and we’ll feature them on our show!

Next up, we had Mr. Skin on the line to talk about all things celeb booties and boobies. January Jones came up again, as her movie is coming out in limited release this weekend, and if you want to learn EVEN more, check out Skin’s website, and be sure to hit up his store while you’re there. You never knew you needed a Mr. Skin beach towel until just this moment.

After that it was time to run through our first ever Playboy Morning Show Topless Ten List! This idea, which is legally distinct and separate from any other unnamed lists out there, had to do with the ongoing government shutdown that’s sweeping the nation. Man, if we can get our shit sort of together every morning, but our government can’t… something is seriously wrong.

We took a quick break, and then it was time to bring in Miss October 2013, Carly Lauren! Kevin’s idea that if a girl has two first names, she’s extra hot was once again proven correct, as Carly’s 5’9” frame is everything a perfect playmate can be. We ran through her Playmate Pick Six, with our sexy model Paris handing out balls out of her ringleader hat (if you haven’t seen Miss October’s spread, a: check it out NOW, and b: it’s circus themed), and Carly gave us her best answers. She passed with flying colors, of course.

Finally, we brought in the rest of our models: Adria, Casey, and Kali to go through three rings of our big top in-studio circus, in celebration of Miss October’s spread. The similarities between a circus and this show are staggering…

after afterall

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