Friday 10/11/13

It’s finally Friday! Woo! The weekend is right around the corner, but our show… is right here:

We began things this fine morning by getting a quick word in with our buddy Robin Leach. Andrea is heading to Vegas, and if you are planning on doing the same thing, just remember that summer is officially over (even if it is the desert).

After that, we got another awesome tip for our new hashtag #tittybombing from Sasha, who showed us that any artsy fartsy pic can be made much better with the addition of some background boobage.

It’s Friday, so we ran through the wacky Week in Sex. It sure is a crazy, sexy world we live in… if only as many people embraced it like we do, right?

After a short break, we welcomed in our guest today, Art Alexakis, who is the lead singer from the band Everclear. They’ve been together going on three decades now, and have been making awesome music all the while, so it was a cool treat to have him come in. He was even nice enough to help us guess what our next Halloween costume would be… it turned out to be the ever-popular cheerleader! Just because it’s not especially original doesn’t mean that it’s not sexy.

Finally, we had Sasha, Leia, and Lauren come in to do some Sex-plorations in honor of Columbus Day on Monday. We had our girls admit what they’d like to do sexually that they haven’t yet explored yet, and then did our best to make them happen.

We ran out of time, but Andrea and Kevin went tit-for-tat after the show for the football games this weekend. They both went with the Saints, Packers, Texans, Vikings, and Broncos, so place yer’ bets now!

after1 after2

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