Wednesday 10/16/13

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll. Let us get to the show. But don’t forget to keep sending in your #tittybombing pics to @PBMorningShow


We started things off today by talking with one of our beautiful models who just happens to be single in our “Top Model Adoption” segment. Jessica gave us the dirt on what she likes and doesn’t like, so that YOU can learn the facts and maybe pick up a hottie yourself.

Next, we talked to Madelyn Sheaffer on the phone, who recently got kicked out of a waterpark for wearing a bikini that was too revealing. She says that she recently lost a bunch of weight and wanted to finally flaunt her hard-earned body. We looked at the evidence and found that it was a clear-cut case of big boobie discrimination, which as we all know is the worst kind of discrimination. Stay strong, big-breasted women of the world, and don’t let others’ jealousy get you down.

After a short break, we came back to play “This Day in History… if History were sexy.” We had our super sexy historian Brittany come into the studio and explain the Cuban missile crisis to us, which happened on this day in 1962. According to her, a lot of LSD was involved in Russia and the USA’s throwdown, and Melody and Charlie came in to help her re-enact the events as she told them. So don’t say you don’t learn anything from this show. It may not necessarily be completely accurate, but let’s not split hairs here.

We then welcomed in to the studio one of our college reps from this month’s college issue of Playboy. Her name is Hayley Taylor, and she is from the University of Colorado in Boulder. From what she talked about, it seems like a pretty fun place. And here we thought all they had there was mountains and John Denver.


Finally, we welcomed Jessica back in to give us another Halloween costume in the form of a Can-Can Dancer. If you think you’ve got the moves, you can-can wear this out in public. Not that you should-should.

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