Thursday 10/17/13

It’s Thursday! You know what that means… Time to get thirsty.

Alright. We started things here by talking with our Thursday friend Mr. Skin about some cool upcoming nudity we can expect. We spoke about things like the re-make of “Carrie” and other spooky Halloween films that are always good for a little skin.  Also, don’t forget to check out some nakedness from the past on his site, like Alyssa Milano’s ta-tas in that one vampire movie.

Next, we welcomed in Annie Lederman, a funny comedian who you should definitely check out on Twitter. She stuck around to help us play one of our favorite games, “Name That ALLEGED Perv.” Our sexy models, Grace, Rachel, and Lindsey all came in to read us stories of crimes that were allegedly committed, and it was up to Kevin, Andrea, and Annie to guess who they thought did the deed. Allegedly.

After that, we brought in Justin Jedlica, who calls himself “The Human Ken Doll,” due to the fact that he’s had over 100 plastic surgeries. In his own words, “If something is worth doing, it’s worth over-doing.” Since he’s such an expert with bodily modifications, we wanted to test if he could determine what, if anything, our models have had enhanced. Sometimes, looks are actually skin deep (because under that skin is a bunch of silicone).

We ran out of time for Titty Picks, but after the show, Andrea picked the Seattle Seahawks to come out over the other birds from Arizona.

after afterguests

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