Friday 10/18/13

It’s Friday the 18th! Is that good luck or bad luck? I forget.

Anyway, we had an awesome show for you today, which we began by celebrating Today in History (if history were as sexy as our show). We had our super hot models Mary Louise, Adrienne, Amberly, and Meghan come into the studio and explain to us exactly how the U.S. acquired Puerto Rico on this day in 1898. Our wholly inaccurate portrayal of those events will go down in history as one of the craziest of all time.

Next, it was time to run through the Week in Sex! If you’ve ever stared at your iPhone and wondered what the mastermind behind it was like in the sack, check out Steve Jobs’ former lovers book! We heard this and other similarly wacky stories, because we like to keep you in the know, as well as in the sheets.

After that, we welcomed in Kandy Jo, who is another one of our college girls, this time from Oregon State. We presented her with another pop quiz, as read by our sexy models, and then she did us the honor of recreating her picture in the magazine right before our very eyes. Go Beavers, right?

We took a quick break, and then it was time to run through another sexy Halloween costume. This time Adrienne showed us her super tight corset made of some sort of leaves costume, that leaves its interpretation up to the imagination, without doing the same to your figure.

Following that treat, we had our Friday Awards! It’s been a while since we’ve done these bad boys, but we jumped right back in. We went through our categories of Andrea’s Mobility, Constructive Criticism, and in memory of all the clothing we’ve lost this week.

Finally! It’s the weekend, which means that football is here. Andrea picked with boobs and Kevin with brains, so check in Monday to see who came out on top. Have a good weekend!



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