Wednesday 10/23/13

Halfway through the week. OH! That must be why they call it hump day. Shows what we know.

Right off the bat, we welcomed in the Howe twins (Melissa and Carla), who we haven’t seen in a while, for a quick segment we like to call “Ask a Set of British Twins.” We’re still working on the name. But! We had some interesting calls in and bra-switches to see if the twins shared a consciousness. The results were inconclusive.


After that, we went into a round of “Tasty Tweets,” where Kevin and Andrea get pictures from Playmates’ Twitter accounts, and try to guess the caption. It’s hard work predicting hashtags.

We took a quick break and then it was time to continue our quest towards Halloween with another sexy costume idea. Today’s dress-up comes to us from Sadie, and inspired by the East in the form of a Bollywood dancer/sexy genie (take your pick). After a sexing up by Kevin and Andrea, there really wasn’t much left of the original costume, but if there’s a theme for Halloween, it’s usually “less is more.”

Following that, we welcomed in Romany Malco, from the new film “Last Vegas,” which is coming to theaters November 1st. Romany stars opposite some pretty big names and holds his own, so be sure to check it out! In the movie, he plays a hotel concierge, so we took that as a sign from above that we should play “Just the Tip.” We brought our sexy models back in to guess how much you should tip various occupations, according to etiquette books. The twins had a “spot” of trouble, being from somewhere that uses a different form of currency, but stayed vigilant and did their very best. Hey, how many people know how much to tip a manicurist? Or what a manicure even is?

romanyshow all romanyandrea romanyboth

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