Thursday 10/24/13

It is Thursday. Let us get through the show.

We started things off by talking with our Thursday friend, Mr. Skin. Today, Skin has some great celebrity nudity lined up for us, including a look at the new show, “Masters of Sex,” which he says has some great naked bodies as long as you don’t mind that they’re hooked up with electrodes. Skin also has a new venture “Mr. Man,” which will feature male nudity in film. Hey, nothing wrong with that.

After that, it was time for another one of our sexy Halloween costumes, and today Chloe showed off her sexy cheetah-print jumpsuit. Mee-ow.

Next, we brought in Ali Rose, who’s a regular here on our show, and we’re proud to announce that she’s been named Cyber Girl of the Month! Congrats to her and her ample bosom.

Speaking of ample bosoms, we thought we’d celebrate Ali Rose’s accomplishment by playing “Double-D Dare.” We brought in Chelsie, Megan, and Heather to join Ali in this messy two-on-two showdown. After the first two rounds, we were all tied up, but the orange team came out ahead and got to try their hand at the obstacle course as we unfortunately ran out of time. But, fret not! We’ll definitely be coming back to this game very, very soon…

boobs during girlsafter

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