Friday 10/25/13

Happy Friday! It’s finally here, we’re free! At least for a couple days. Unless you work at a restaurant. Then today is your Monday. Jeez, that’s depressing…

ANYHOO! Our show today was fantastic, and here’s proof:

We started things off with a little chat with Robin Leach, who has his hands full with Halloween-time debauchery going on all around Vegas. As a side note, Robin will be going as a wizard this year, which we think is apt, as he is the magic man of Sin City.

Next, we checked out a little promo Johnny Knoxville shot at the Playboy Mansion as “Bad Grandpa” from the movie of the same name. Johnny looked right at home in old age make-up getting spanked and ridden by Playmates, but… who wouldn’t?

After that, we ran through the Week In Sex, where we saw not one but TWO different plants that resemble human body parts (hooker lips and a big penis for the curious), among other goings-on from this crazy world we inhabit. So don’t worry; if you’re weird, you actually fit right in.

We took a quick break, and then it was time for yet another sexy Halloween costume. You thought we’d have long run out by now, but you’d be WRONG, so there. Today’s installment was something near and dear to our hearts: a German Beer Maid. Boobs, beer, October, does it get any better?


Following that, we welcomed in Dr. Laura Streicher for the first half of our “Makin’ Bacon” segment. Andrea brought the big guns, as this doctor showed off her “Intensity” vibrator, which is less sex toy, more sex gym. It works the vaginal muscles with electricity, which sounds intense (I guess the name makes sense), but apparently is quite pleasurable. Andrea got her hands on one, so we’ll have to wait and see how it holds up.

Kevin’s contribution to “Makin’ Bacon” was the Shake n’ Bacon smoothie, which is one part ice cream, one part bacon, and one part beer (with a little syrup for good measure) all mixed together in a big ol’ blender. The taste test was inconclusive, as Andrea hated it, but Kevin thought it was pretty good. The important thing is we tried.

Lastly, we picked some football games. Boobs vs. Brains. Brains is up by a small margin, but boobs can close the gap this weekend. They disagreed on some, but come Monday we’ll see if the Body can finally pass the Mind.

andreavibrator boobs blender bacon

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