Monday 10/28/13

Hello again, everybody! If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, we have the cure.

We started things off today by doing a quick Titty Pick Recap. Andrea and Kevin tied again this week, meaning Kevin’s brain still holds a slight lead, but don’t count out boobs quite yet…

After that, we welcomed in Gemma Lee Farrell, our Miss November! Gemma is the first ever Playmate from New Zealand, so if you like accents, look no further. She picked her Playmate Pick Six questions out of our own spooky Halloween cauldron, and passed with flying colors! She ran out to grab a costume from her car, and we took a short break.


As we got back, we welcomed in Lamorne Morris, who plays ‘Winston’ on “New Girl,” which is on FOX. Lamorne was stoked to be in with us today, and talked about how his own experiences living with multiple female roommates transferred over to his acting on the show.


As Lamorne was chatting with us, we checked out another one of our Halloween costumes, with Brooke showing off today’s look: a sexy Pirate! As we demonstrated, if you want to be historically accurate, remember to leave the panties at home.

Speaking of history, as we rounded out the show today, we welcomed in Leilani, Peru, Kenzie, and Brooke again to teach us about the signing of New Zealand’s Declaration of Independance by the United Maori Tribes in 1835. Our Playmate really appreciated some of her peoples’ history being represented today, and she came back into the studio in her maid costume just in time to see it acted out. Just because it isn’t accurate doesn’t mean it’s not fun to watch.

afterall afterfour andreaplaymate

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