Tuesday 10/29/13

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll. Let’s get to the show…

Today, we began by calling on you, the viewers, to share with us your tweets with the hashtag #byebyebra for a good cause… the continuation of Topless Tuesday. That’s right! Thorughout the whole show, we had girls coming in and reading YOUR tweets, and then throwing their brassieres aside. Who says social media has no real world applications?

Also throughout the entire show today, we had girls ringing our doorbell to bring US candy! We really have it good here in the Mini Mansion. If only the rest of the world worked the way we do…

We kept in the Halloween spirit next by continuing our epic march to the 31st with another sexy Halloween costume. Amber came in to show us her sexy Vampire-ess outfit complete with crazy red contacts. As always Kevin and Andrea did their best to make this a little more hot, and eventually just made the top come completely off. If we had a motto for our show, it’d probably be “When all else fails, just lose some clothes.”

After that, we welcomed in Patrice Wilson, our first guest for the day. Patrice is the mastermind behind the super awesome viral videos “Friday,” “It’s Thanksgiving,” and “Chinese Food.” His videos have amassed close to a billion views (crazy!), and he was more than down to share his winning formula with us for our lesser-viewed videos online.

We took a quick break, and then we brought in our good friend Jim O’Heir from “Parks and Rec” fame, who is also a master of the viral Vine videos.

Finally, for our ending segment, we brought all of our models back in, including Cody, who has amassed quite a viral sensation with a music video of her own to round out our panel. Justina, Atalie, and Amber all pitched their ideas for videos that could get big and our judges gave their advice on how to make them happen. Keep your eyes on your screens, you just might have a head start on the next big fad.

patricecouch codyjimcouch afterall

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