Wednesday 10/30/13

It’s Wednesday! If you need a last push to get you over the hump, you found the right place…

Today began with another one of our Twitter campaigns throughout the show, this time focusing on #nipslips; as you tweeted, our girls demonstrated various kinds of nipple slippage.

Yet again, we had special trick-or-treaters come through our Mini Mansion doors to offer up some goodies to our two hosts. Today, Andrea got batteries for her various sex toys, and Kevin got a big ol’ packet o’ bacon. That’s the way adults do Halloween, SON.

We also revisited a new-er segment we lovingly refer to as “Constructive Criticism,” where you, yes YOU, can make your voice be heard. Whether we pull a comment from Youtube, Playboy TV’s website, or even here on our humble blog, you can be sure your concerns aren’t falling on deaf ears, so keep ’em comin’.

After that, it was time for our newest and therefore best costume in our Halloween Costume Countdown. Today, Emily Rose showed off her skin-tight skeleton jumpsuit. Apparently it wasn’t skin-tight enough, as Kevin and Andrea did what they do best: get down to just the skin. A word to the wise: if you’re going to go as a skin-suit, you don’t actually need to buy a costume, because it’ll just end up on the floor.

We took a quick break and then it was time to welcome in our guest, scream queen Danielle Harris. Danielle got her start at a very early age in the “Halloween” franchise, and the rest, as they say, is history, as she’s done a ton of horror films since then. Her directorial debut of the film “Among Friends,” about a dinner party gone terribly wrong, is set to come out soon, so keep your ears to the ground on that one.

Finally, since Danielle is an expert in all things horror, we played “Scary Movie Trivia.” Kevin, Andrea, and Danielle got clues from our hot models Emily Rose, Mel, Ruby, and Alisha and tried their best to guess the title of the film. There’s definitely something sexy about being scared.


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