Thursday 10/31/13

Happy Halloween! We had a scary good show for you today, so let’s get too it.

We began things today by showcasing Kevin and Andrea’s costumes: Andrea went as the Playboy Mansion Lost and Found, and Kevin went as Ill Prepared. Both very fitting, wouldn’t you say?


After that, we talked quickly to Mr. Skin, for a little Halloween movie nudity treat. As everyone knows, scary movies are always good for a little gratuitous nudity, so Kevin and Skin wanted to mark the occasion by doing a spooky pun-on-pun that is sure to send chills down your spine.

Next, we brought our sexy costumed honeys Samantha, Jamie, Kaysee, and Kourtneey into the studio to do some Halloween tricks and treats. After an unsuccessful attempt to scare their pants off, they went right into boobing for apples, which is much harder if your breasts have been enhanced.

costumes boobs

boobing boobing2

After a quick break, we welcomed in Chocolate Caliente, Joey Ryan, Moana Santana, and Michelle L’amour from the group Lucha VaVoom. These guys combine the excitement of Mexican masked wrestling with the enticement of burlesque shows in between the fight. Their show is tonight in Downtown LA, so if you’re around, you should definitely check it out.


As the wrestlers and dancers were teaching us their respective moves, our models were decorating some Rack-o-Lanterns, as is Halloween tradition here in the Mini Mansion.


Well, here’s hoping you and yours have a safe and fun Halloween. Be sure to use all the knowledge and costume ideas we’ve thrown out, and… oh my god LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!

Just kidding. Happy Halloween.


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