Friday 11/1/13

Happy Friday, all of you people. The week is over and it’s getting harder and harder to finish what we’re… uh… you know… supposed to….

Anyway! We started our crazy show off today by getting our first of many Daylight Savings Time Tips! Don’t forget this weekend means you set your clocks back Saturday night. Extra hour of sleep… good! Getting dark sooner… good?


After that, we had a nice chat with Robin Leach about Vegas and… diet tips? That’s right, check out his site to find out which adult idol is shaping up.

Next, it was time for the Friday Awards. Today’s nominees came to us in the form of Best Food, Dance, and Director moments of the week. We had our lovely models Rachel, Lisa, and Carrie present the awards and envelopes to Kevin and Andrea, who read them out so that they may be recognized for their achievements. Well done.

After a short break, we brought in comedian Syd Wilder, who is a big time Youtube and stand-up personality. She helped our girls learn how to take the best selfie, and if you want to follow her steps, check out her video on Youtube and FunnyOrDie!

Have a sexy weekend, everybody!


selfie bedselfie



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