Monday 11/4/13

Hello everyone! Let’s get to the show…

Things began today with a short chat about internet privacy, and a healthy reminder to always make sure that when you post comments, it doesn’t link to your various social media outlets. It can cost you. This has been your Plaboy PSA of the day.

After that, it was time to do a quick Titty Pick Recap, and we discovered that Kevin is starting to pull ahead after another Sunday of football. It’s the mid-point of the season, and Andrea’s gonna have to start going with some upsets if she wants to have any chance of coming out on top.

Next, we kicked off a month-long challenge with the help of our lovely models Tawny, Mariela, and Krista. Since many guys are growing out their mustaches for Mo-Vember, we decided that the ladies could show some solidarity by growing out some non-facial hair. We are officially declaring this the month of “Muff-Vember” and will be checking in to see how the ladies’ petite handlebar, toothbrush, and smell old gym teacher styles are coming along.

We took a break and then it was time to welcome in Chris Jericho! Chris has a new web series called “But I’m Chris Jericho,” where he plays a tongue-in-cheek version of himself, and you should definitely hit up Youtube and check it out.

Since Chris has been in so many crazy submissions and holds over his many years as a pro wrestler, we decided it would be fitting for him to judge a round of “Position: Impossible.” Our models came back into the studio and got into various sexual positions based on clues given by Kevin and Andrea. That’s how you really make somebody tap, apparently.

after afterall

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