Tuesday 11/5/13

It’s Tuesday, ya’ll. Time to get down with the show.

We began things today by welcoming in MJ, GG, and Mike from Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset.” Season three premieres tonight, and if you follow the show, you know that these Persians sure know how to party, and they know all about the finer things. As such, we wanted to test their knowledge by pitting fine champagne, coffee, and lingerie against things bought at the dollar store and seeing if they could tell which was which. They did pretty well, so good going, and be sure to check out the premiere tonight.

shahs shahs2

After that, it was time to paint some naked ladies! With the help of two regular dudes, our models Katie, Kate, Jade, and Valerie stripped down and let these two lucky dudes go to work.

paint paint2

As the “creative process” was happening, we chatted over Skype with Wiser and Red from the SyFy show “Naked Vegas,” which follows around four artists who paint naked models. They gave us some insight into the perks and perils of painting the human body (literally), and what it’s like to have a paintbrush snatched from your hand by some butt cheeks.

red wiser

Finally, the final products were ready for the adoring public, and it was the Bob Ross-inspired tree-scape that won the top prize. Watch out, Sistine Chapel…



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