Wednesday 11/6/13

Happy Hump Day! If you watch our show, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the middle of the week…

We started things off today by singling out bullying. Our girls helped throw our hat into the ring of bullying smackdowns worldwide by reading tips throughout the show. Per usual, some were less helpful than others (which were even less helpful)…

After that, we went into a brand new segment on the show: Movie Reviews! Our twist is that these ladies have only seen the trailer. We had the Howe twins take a look at the trailer for “Last Vegas” and give us their thoughts. After two minutes, they gave their verdict: two nips up, good trailer! Be on the lookout for more movie (trailer) reviews coming soon.

Next, it was time to clean out our inbox… by checking our Fe-Mail! Erika graced us by reading out some e-mails we’ve gotten from fans and spammers alike, so keep those coming, because we may just read your request live on our show. But, you can stop with the erectile dysfunction pills, we’re set in that department.

We took a quick break, and then welcomed in frequent bull-ee and all-around funny man Brad Williams. Brad’s an old friend of the show and has a new CD out called “Hi, ho!” which is hilarious, so you should definitely buy it. I mean, check out his Halloween costume. He’s Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. You know that CD is gonna be baller.



Finally, as yesterday was election day (if you forgot, don’t worry, so did most people), and a few key bills passed in various states. In Maine you can smoke weed, in Illinois you can marry someone with your same junk, and in New York you can gamble all your money away, and Johnny Law can’t do a damn thing about any of it. We think it’s fantastic, so to celebrate we did some gambling in the form of “Rack Jack,” with the help of our human deck of cards Kristen and played a scintillating round of “Lesbian Chicken” with Carolyn and Ericka. God Bless America.


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