Monday 11/11/13

Happy Monday, ya’ll! We had a great start to our shows this week, so let’s make like a hot chick walked by and check ‘er out.

We began things by going over out Titty Picks from last week, and Kevin continues to slowly pull ahead of Andrea. It’s not looking good for Team Titties, but we’re not giving up hope. Andrea went with Tampa Bay for tonight’s game, so we’ll have to see how that plays out.

After that, it was time for Good Naked/Bad Naked, where our hot models Victoria, Ashley, Jenna, and Lauren came in and read clues so that our hosts could guess whether it was good or bad naked. If it was bad, our ladies would then re-create it in order to make it good. It’s just one of the many public services these gals do.

Next, we introduced Pete Holmes, who has his own talk show on TBS. This tall funnyman is also a talented artist, and he showed us his skills when he went up against Andrea, who is our resident artist. Both turned out pretty well, especially given their short assignment time.


Now, since Pete is new to the TV game, we know he is going to have to put up with a lot of criticism. We had our ladies come in and read some of the things they’ve said about his show, in varying levels of nakedness based on meanness, to soften the blow. He took it pretty well, but that might have something to do with the titties.

couch show

Finally, as it is Veteran’s Day, we had our girls model some outfits based on the branches of the military, and then show off their specific talents. God Bless America.

military after after all

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