Wednesday 11/13/13

Welcome to Wednesday! Let’s get over the hump.

We began things today by reminding people to continue to use November as an excuse to grow out a Muff-stache! We had Cody come into the studio to tell us about her progress so far, and her plans for the future. Keep at it, ladies.

After that, we read a few tweets from you guys featuring the hashtag #AssWednesday. Not really sure why that’s trending, but we’re not complaining over here. And we had the girls read the tweets with their butts for good measure. You brought this on yourselves.

Next, we talked on Skype with Lexi Sims, who is one of our Cyber Girls. We had Lexi do a Sexy Skype Scavenger Hunt in her home, which was already decked out in Christmas stuff. After the two minutes, she had completed a record 8 challenges! She and her cage lingerie should be proud.

lexi skype

We took a break for a couple minutes and then came back to play “Know It or Show It,” the world’s longest-running naked game show. We brought in Cody, Veronica, and Toryn to put their clothing on the line against their trivial knowledge. With questions surrounding Obamacare, Numbers, and Fantasy Football, our models were naked in a few short minutes.

Finally, as Thanksgiving approaches, we are giving thanks here on the Playboy Morning Show by celebrating little-known uses of popular Thanksgiving foods. Today’s special was cranberry sauce, a staple of any Thanksgiving table, and no one was quite sure why… until today. We figured out it can also be used as body paint, or allergy-resistant lube (assuming you’re not allergic to cranberries…).

cran suace

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