Friday 11/15/13

It’s almost the weekend, and I don’t have enough energy to even finish my… my uh– you know, my uh… my… thoughts.

Anyway! We had a great show today, and it all started with a little chat with Robin Leach about all things Vegas. Robin’s staying at an undisclosed Los Angeles hotel at the moment, and was rockin’ his complimentary bathrobe like he didn’t intend to give it back. And we support that.

Next, we heard from some ladies about sexy Vegas stories that they’ve had over the years. They say that things that happen there stay there, but that usually only works if you don’t tell anyone. We sympathize… if we were as hot as Amber, Miranda, Lindsey, or Kourtnee, we’d want the world to know of our exploits too.


After that, it was time for the Week In Sex! Andrea gave us the news around the sexy world, like the fact that you can now get male chastity belts in cool colors like camouflage. So if you were waiting for the camo one, your patience paid off. You’ll need it.

We took a short break and then it was time for the Friday Awards! We heard about artistry, clothing we’ve lost, and the bald moment of the week. Patting yourself on the back technically counts as touching yourself, right?

Finally, we rolled through another helping of the Playboy Morning show giving thanks with food! The item du jour was mashed potatoes, and the ladies had to sculpt the breasts of the girl next to them, using only their hands and their blind artistic sensibilities.  Turns out mashed po-titties actually end up looking pretty accurate. Your move, sculptors…

thanks boobs

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