Monday 11/18/13

Happy Monday, folks. It’s a brand new week, but more importantly, we here at the Playboy Morning Show are celebrating our 400th episode! Woo hoo! We’re pretty stoked, and throughout the show today, we featured Shout-Outs from some of our Playmate Friends, and peeked into the Vault at some of our favorite moments of the past 399 episodes. 400 episodes is a lot of boobies, guests, and calls from shut-ins, and we’re glad that you all could share them with us.

Aside from all the celebratory hoopla, we also had some segments to get to. The first of the day came to us from Krista, who shared with us her Muff-progress throughout Muff-vember. Blondes have to try extra hard when it comes to growing visible body hair, so we appreciate her effort. Don’t give up now, the month’s already half over!

We also had a special surprise guest bring us in a 400th episode cake, and it turned out to be none other than Fat Sal of Fat Sal’s Sandwiches. His Big Fat Fatty Sandwich was one of Andrea’s favorite Feastiality’s and he also is an expert on gravy, which happened to be our Thanksgiving Food of the Day.


Since gravy was on the menu, we thought it would be appropriate to take water off list of main ingredients in wet t-shirt contests, and let gravy have a turn. That’s right, it’s a Gravy T-Shirt Contest, and with Fat Sal’s expert commentary, the girls actually did a pretty good job of it.


Lastly, to put the icing on the cake, we had one of our models jump INTO a cake. The jumping out of the cake is so played out.

Thanks again for 400 episodes and here’s to 400 more!


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