Tuesday 11/19/13

Happy Topless Tuesday, folks! Lose the shirts and let’s get to it.

We started things off by chatting with our models Paris, Lauren, Charlotte, and Sandra about their experience with athletes and rodeos, as they will be testing their skills later in the show.


On that note, we welcomed in Darcy LaPier, rodeo racer extraordinaire, whose new show “Rodeo Girls” on A&E premieres next month. The show follows the drama around the lives of five super hot cowgirls, and looks pretty wild, so be sure to check it out.

Since Darcy is such an expert, we had our models come back in and get into the saddle… literally. Each girl tried their hand at riding, lassoing, and hot-tying and then gave the single Darcy a little bit of new-age dating advice. See, everybody’s got something they’re good at.

hathorses onhorses

After a tiny break, we talked on the phone with Chris Krolow, the CEO of Private Islands, Inc. In the November issue of Playboy, there’s an article entitled the “Fuck-It List,” where services that you’d only think the super-rich could afford, but it turns out it’s cheaper than you think. See where we’re going with this? For the price of a Hyundai, you could own a small island! You can’t drive a small island to work, but who would want to when you could just chill on your island all day? Especially after watching what a few naked girls could do to the landscape.


Finally, to continue our Thanksgiving food countdown, we had our island beauties make some String Bean-kinis. And just when you thought we ran out of items to make bikinis out of, too.



after aftergals

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