Thursday 11/21/13

Happy Thursday, everybody. We had a jam-packed show, so let’s get down to it.

We started things off today by doing the first of many check-ins on our Cuddle Cam, where our girls were taking short naps and testing out various cuddle positions. Aww…

Next, it was time to talk to Mr. Skin, who gave us a peek at all the celeb nudity from his site. This week, he showed some paparazzi photos of a certain big-boobed “Mad Men” star, and a new star in the “Hunger Games” series who bared all back in 2009, so be sure to check it out!

After that, we welcomed in Josh Hiller from Roadstoves, the service that rents out trucks so that people can start their own Food Truck business. Joining him was Taylor from Steel City Sandwiches, one of the trucks you can find driving around Los Angeles. Check out November’s Playboy to see this dream become attainable for YOU, on the “Fuck-it List.”

We took a short break, and then we Skyped with Samantha Hess, who is a professional cuddler out of Portland, Oregon. Our models Crystal, Cody, and Veronica came in and tested out some of her patented professional moves, and saw how they compared to some of their favorites.

Finally, we welcomed in Problem and Bad Lucc, who are two rappers with a new song called “Understand Me.” They chatted about the time Problem got a handjob on stage, and then helped judge our next installment in Thanksgiving Food, TURKEY. Arguably the most important dish of the day, we had our sexy models do some hand-turkey drawings on each others’ boobs. Final food is tomorrow, so be sure to tune and check it out…

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