Friday 11/22/13

Happy Friday, everybody! And Happy (early) Thanksgiving, too! We’re off next week, so we’re giving you a pre-view of what you can expect around your table this year. Probably with less hot chicks, though…

We started things off by adding our own voice to the discussion of the video of Jean Claude van Damme doing the  splits on those moving trucks. Pretty cool stuff, but not enough boobs for our taste. We welcomed in our models Helenea, Crystal, and Giustina to attempt their own version, and you know what, they actually did a pretty good job. Good teamwork, ladies.



After that, it was time for another item on this month’s Playboy’s Fuck-It List. This time, we gave you all the info on how you can make your own custom wine. For 5 grand, that’s pretty cool, and we had Steve Ryan from the Wine Foundry on Skype to talk to us about the varietals he made just for our show! If you like wine, this is something you definitely should give  whirl.

winerskype wine

Next, we welcomed in Kathy and Richard Wakile and Rosie Pierri from the hit Bravo TV show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” They talked about what it’s like living their lives on TV, what Rosie finds attractive in a lady, and we even helped her practice for her upcoming interview stint at the AMA’s. They even enjoyed some of our wine, because they’re Italian and that’s their thing.



Following a short break, we went into the Friday Awards where Crack, Cuddling, and the clothing we lost were all honored and took home the coveted Golden Weird Gymnastics Lady trophy. Even the trophy got a little cuddle action this week.

Finally, it was time to Give Thanks for the final time before Thanksgiving, with Pumpkin Pie. On the phone we talked to Dr. Alan Hirsch, who is a smell and taste doctor (where do we sign up for that job?), who told us that pumpkin pie is the number one scent that turns men on, so we decided to play a game of “Hump-kin Pie.” In this game, our models came in and could only eat the pie without their hands, while getting humped by another girl. If that Pumpkin Pie doesn’t turn you on, maybe check your pulse.


Anyway, we’re off next week, so Happy Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you in December.


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