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Monday 12/2/13

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Hello, world! We are back from our week off, and ready to get into the holiday spirit. We’ve got some gifts from our magazine under the tree, and will be adding more as the month continues.


To start things off, it is Cyber Monday, so we talked with our first of two Skype girls, Shantal. We’re checking out our “sales” on these ladies, with them going anywhere from 50-100% clothing off!

Next, we checked in with our Muff-vember ladies one last time. Tawny was in the studio and Mariela joined us on Skype to give us their final results, which happened to be pretty good. We may have just started another trend…┬áBut! It is December now, and as such, we had Gigi help Tawny shave that ‘stash in the shower. Until next year, Muff-stashers.

After that, we played a game based on people’s inclinations to show you pictures of their Thanksgiving turkeys. It’s called Turkey or Jerky, and we have to guess whether a close-up shot is of a beautiful model or a fine Thanksgiving feast. Here’s a pro tip: nobody cares what your turkey looked like.

We took a quick break, and then talked with Stephanie, our second Cyber Monday sexy Skype chick, who went all the way 100% (clothing) off! God bless us, everyone.

Finally, we welcomed in Bobbie Brown, video vixen from the Warrant music video “Cherry Pie.” She’s got a new book out called “Dirty Rocker Boys,” and it’s full of crazy drug-fueled rock ‘n roll stories, so be sure to check it out. Since she is responsible for sexualizing a whole dessert, we wanted to play some Musical Cherry Pies. We had our models come into the studio blindfolded and play musical chairs, but a few chairs were filled with cherry pie. It’s a sticky situation.

bobbie cherry

Last but not least, it was time for the ceremonial lighting of the Playboy Morning Show Holiday Tree. And what a glorious sight it was.