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Tuesday 12/3/13

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It’s Tuesday, time to unwrap another fabulous Playboy Morning Show!


We started things off today by talking with Lisa about a recent story that happened to her… and our other models Lauren and Carrie were her devil and angel, who debated whether her story was naughty or nice. Eventually, it was decided that having a three-way and keeping the film all to yourself was nice, so she can expect something good from Santa this year…


After that, it was time to unwrap one of our presents from under our gorgeous little tree. Lauren came in to pick her prize, and while she unwrapped her gift, Lisa unwrapped Lauren… and then herself, because Christmas is about giving as well as receiving. Lauren’s gift turned out to be peppermint panties! How festive. She modeled them for us and then Lisa started eating them off. If you ask us, that’s way better than a candy cane.

present present2 panties

Next, we talked about the upcoming January/February double issue of Playboy and how we can expect a real treat for our beloved magazine’s 60th anniversary. Our centerfold will be none other than supermodel Kate Moss! Be sure to look out for that later this month, and in the mean time, peek at our December issue.

After a short break, we welcomed in someone else who’s featured in next year’s double issue of Playboy, comic writer Joe Casey. Joe and his partners are behind some seriously successful cartoon franchises, and he has a new comic book called “Sex” out now. Joe shared with us some of his wisdom about the history of sex in comics, and we even pitched him our own idea for an extra-graphic novel: Super Pubes. He says he’s never heard a bad idea for a comic, and that today is no exception, so we’re inclined to believe him.


Lastly, we haven’t forgotten our Jewish friends in the audience who are celebrating Hannukkah. To prove that we’re down with the tribe as much as any other group, we played one of our favorite games: Strip Dreidel! Our sexy models came back into the studio and spun the top and lost their tops in a game steeped in tradition here in the Mini Mansion. Mazel tov, everyone!

dreidel after