Thursday 12/5/13

Happy Thirst-day, folks! We had a lot going on today, so let’s get to it.

We began things as most Thursdays begin here in the Mini Mansion, with a chat with Mr. Skin. Skin’s list of the top 10 nude scenes from all of 2013. Whoa. There are some serious doozies on here, so be sure to hit up and check them out. Maybe a few times.

After that, we welcomed in Janae and Ben Peterson from, who were in to show off their holiday line of sexy negligee. Our super hot models Carolyn, Heather, Erika, and Jamie came in to show off a snowman set, candy cane set, sexy elf, sexy santa, and even some light-up “stud” boxers for the gentlemen. ‘Tis the season.

candylanders snowman erika skinny stud outfits

We took a short break and then we spoofed a viral K-mart ad the only way we know how: by adding boobs to make it better. We didn’t disappoint and… well, sometimes pictures say more than words:

bells tops boobs

Finally, we continued our present unwrapping, and the ladies picked a gift that they had to get into… and then switch panties. These models sure know their stuff when it comes to quick changes in small enclosed spaces. Don’t get your hopes up that you’ll find anything as sexy under your tree, unless you’ve been REALLY good this year.


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