Monday 12/9/13

Ah, Monday. Everything’s still got that new week smell.

We began things today by checking in with the Titty Pick re-cap, and discovered that the titties are slowly gaining on the brains, little by little. Don’t count them out yet.

Next, we began our week-long Winter Under-land segment, where our models get into their snow-bunny hats and gloves and sex-ify a fun outdoor winter activity. Today’s cold-weather fun was building a snow man, a standard in all front yards where snow falls. Our sexy models Chelsie, Peru, and Heleina came in to put together their ideal snow-man and put him on display next to our tree. It’s beginning to look a lot like Tits-mas.

After that, we spoke via Skype with Kennedy Summers, our December Playmate. This German-born, American-raised beauty has been a professional model for years, and it shows: she worked her spread like only a pro could. She also made it through all six of her Playmate Pick Six questions, and fended off an attack by her dog at the same time. That’s real skill right there.

We took a quick break, and then we welcomed in Drama, from the MTV show “Fantasy Factory,” which starts its final season in January. Drama gave us some insight on what it’s like having keys to the factory, and the responsibility that comes with it (see: bringing ladies there to bone in the foam pit).

Drama stuck around to watch as our ladies unwrapped another present, while also getting unwrapped themselves. Today it was a camera, and the ladies took some sexy shots to put on their Christmas cards. Talk about a stocking stuffer…


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